LED Canopy Fixtures & Applications

Posted on January 10 2017

LED canopy lighting fixtures are fashioned to mount above the lighting area and provide balanced, direct light. While LED canopy lights serve an array of applications and features, it’s meaningful to note that individual canopy light fixtures are best designed for definitive purposes, and when it comes down to lighting, there are several different products to take into consideration. If you’re thinking about installing canopy lighting and are in search of an LED solution, here are some things to consider:

1. Where would it be Installed?

Fixtures are both designed for interior and exterior uses. It is important to identify your application. Exterior units are built to resist tougher weather and are environmentally resistant.

2. Does it match your design?

Lighting and it’s fixture(s) are an extension of your design philosophy. It isn’t solely about lighting an area, or accenting design cues. It is about function, atmosphere, safety, along with it’s aesthetics. With an array of collections to choose from.You want to take the time to find the fixtures that best suits your needs. For example, our 58w Low Profile LED Canopy Light is a heavy-duty fixture that provides symmetrical light distribution, making it perfect for Garages, Gas Stations & Warehouses.

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