About us

“I strongly believe in sustainability. LED lighting is the best choice for every business, environmentally as well as financially.”
– Michael Viggiani, CEO & Founder


Go Green LED International is a solutions-based company focused on expert service and cutting-edge technology and products that can result in a 50% to 70% energy savings for our customers. We are pioneers in the field of sustainable energy and lighting and our principle is simple: to promote energy conservation and emission reduction while delivering significant cost-savings.

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting require regular maintenance, resulting in lofty energy payments and the need to recycle toxic chemicals. The time is now for upgrading your dated, energy-consuming lighting systems.

Go Green LED International is a one-stop shop — we’ll conduct an on-site audit, work with you to select the best lighting products while coordinating government-rebate funding, and provide expert service and support during and after installation.



Michael Viggiani,

Go Green LED International_Mike Viggiani
Michael Viggiani is the founder, president, and CEO of Go Green LED International. He is a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy, introducing the first sustainable and LED technology in Rochester, N.Y. in 2008. He is an innovator who holds a U.S. patent related to film preservation with a second patent currently in process. In 2013 he earned the Sustainability Award for the restoration he designed and completed, featuring high-tech LED lighting, on a historic structure at George Eastman Museum, a National Historic Landmark where he has served as facilities manager for 28 years. The award was granted by the Business Owners & Managers Association (BOMA). 

He managed three facilities for the museum totaling more than 200,000 square feet, for which he initiated effective energy-conservation systems. A key project in his career is the $1.5 million nitrate-film storage facility for Eastman Museum — which holds films dating back to 1894, including the original negatives to The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind — which he designed and engineered. He also designed and created the first clean room at the museum and a state-of-the-art climate-controlled vault for the Technicolor collection, plus oversaw the renovation of the Dryden Theatre complete with creative uses of LED lighting.

Mike has consulted on major building/property/HVAC projects with several non-profits such as the Hochstein School of Music, Sisters of St. Joseph, and the Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nevada. His educational and professional licenses include: Energy Management & Auditing, Chiller/Low-Temp Chiller maintenance and repair, Backnetting, Stationary Engineer, and EPA Refrigeration He is active with BOMA, ASHRAE, IFMA, AFE, AEE & GVRAHE and sits on the committee for NFPA. 


Kim Carpino
Office Manager / Inside Sales


“Kim is the glue that holds our company together” stated Go Green LED International CEO & Founder Michael Viggiani. She has played a key role in Go Green’s growth over that past two years as the company’s Office Manager and Inside Sales Coordinator.  Kim brings nearly three decades of corporate experience to the Go Green LED International headquarters.   For over 10 years as the Director of Professional Development with a 3,000-plus member organization, she engaged in every aspect of the real estate industry. As an innovator, Kim created an Online Real Estate School, a “first of its kind” educational program for new agents which was lauded by the National Association in Washington, DC where she spoke at their National Convention. After years of being centered in the Real Estate industry, Kim made the transition to the new emerging LED Lighting industry with Go Green.  Today, responsible to the day-to-day operations, Kim’s role continues to deepen as she manages the frontline of our expanding company providing honest lighting solutions.
Ying Blair
International Business Manager