Case Studies



Go Green Case Study: Rotork factory “goes green” with retrofit lighting from Go Green LED International


The Project:
Rotork completed the installation of hundreds of LED bulbs for its Rochester, N.Y. office and factory. The project work involved retrofitting and engineering solution based products from Rochester-based Go Green LED International, with the focus and goal of saving money and saving the environment.


About the Company:

Rotork, which is headquartered in Bath, England, has 24 manufacturing plants around the world and more than 150 offices. The company is keeping a close eye on its Rochester manufacturing plant, since it is the first to “go green” with LED lighting. Rotork is the world's leading manufacturer of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators and control systems, valve gearboxes, and valve accessories.


The Cost-Savings:

To compare the cost-savings and decreased energy-usage by “going green,” Dan Caternolo, project manager for the installation, used the average of the energy bills for five months prior to the LED installation. The result showed a decrease in energy use by more than 13,000 kilowatt hours per month with LED lighting, which translates to thousands of dollars in cost savings.

The intended payback period for investment is three years; Caternolo believes Rotork will make its money back in less time. Here’s where the savings come in: 400-watt traditional bulbs are now at 110-watt LED bulbs and those that were 250 watts are down to 65-watt LED bulbs. In relation to traditional translucent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lights contain no mercury or other hazardous materials, which end up in our landfills. The cost savings extend beyond government incentives and lower energy bills, Caternolo explained. There is now no waste or bulbs that need to be recycled. Also, since the LED lights were retrofitted, there were no maintenance costs since the ballasts and fixtures weren’t traded out.


What Management Had to Say:

Rick Williams, general manager of the Rochester Rotork factory, noted one key reason the installation went smoothly was the retrofit engineering, whereas Go Green LED International created the bulbs specifically for their hardware needs.  “When you look at the numbers you readily see this makes sense, with an easy, palatable payback period,” he said. “Mike was accommodating, starting us out with samples and a trial period, and then all the way through we stayed on target.”

“There is an important human factor to all of this as well,” Williams explained. “Our customers and our employees can feel proud that we’re making the effort to do what we can for the environment. And, through this LED project, we are bettering working conditions for our employees through an improved light source that is easier on the eyes and higher illumination.”




Go Green Case Study: Go Green LED International illuminates South Town Plaza parking lot and facade

The Project:

South Town Plaza has completed the installation of LED lighting throughout its parking lot and along the front façade of a property that has been an icon in Rochester since opening in the 1950s. The project involved complete fixture-head replacement with new LED heads. This project involved the installation and retrofitting of existing fixtures throughout the plaza. The “team” focused on engineering the right products and solutions to make this a great success. Go Green LED International are professionals that save the end user money while saving the environment. They are a “team oriented” partner to the building owner and managers and produce excellent results while reducing the carbon footprint.

The project involved 121 light poles standing 36-feet high, 33 mounted flood fixtures, and 186 awning/canopy lights.


About South Town Plaza:

When South Town Plaza opened on Nov. 14, 1956, it was billed as the largest shopping plaza in Western New York. The new plaza originally featured a quarter-mile-long string of stores and parking for 3,500 cars. In 1965 the plaza increased its parking lot size to accommodate 7,500 cars. Today the popular plaza houses more than 40 stores and businesses.


The Cost-Savings:

South Town estimates an annual savings of $60,000 in energy costs, resulting in a return on investment in less than three years.  A major benefit of this project was the module-based design, which allows for LED replacement vs. complete fixture replacement once they’ve run their course. These fixtures were specifically designed to adapt to the plaza’s existing poles.

The pole light fixtures previously had utilized 1000-watt metal halide bulbs but have since been replaced with brand new 300-watt LED fixtures . Other outdoor lamps that were 400 watts are now down to 120-watts by means of LED retrofit kits  and the awning canopy, which was illuminated with 125-watt metal halide lamps is now lit with brand new 40-watt LED fixtures. 

On average the initial Lumen output of the new LED lighting is maintained above 70 percent for more than 150,000 hours. Comparatively, a metal halide lamp will lose 20 percent of its lumen output within the first year of operation. The useful life of the LEDs is projected to be 10 years which would outlast the current metal halide lamps by 4 to 5 times.

In addition, the savings extend beyond government incentives and lower energy bills. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced and disposal fees are eliminated. Since LED lamps are mercury free, they do not require special measures for disposal and are non hazardous to our environment.


What Management Had to Say:

“South Town’s customers and tenants can feel proud we’ve made the effort to do what we can for the environment,” said Dan Slater, owner of South Town Plaza. “Through this LED project, we are providing an improved light source with higher illumination. When you look at the numbers you readily see this makes sense, with an easy, palatable payback period.”