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Designers & Architects


Designers & Architects: Oh, the Options with LED!

The lights have been flipped on and, frankly, flipped when it comes to today’s lighting options. LED lighting is granting designers and architects the freedom to move beyond conventional bulb-lamp configurations.

The artistic interpretations are plenty and Go Green LED International offers an array of these options, from under-the-counter track lights, ceiling cove lights to colored Led lights illuminating skylines.

Designers and architects now have countless options for lighting up homes, offices, parking garages, parking lots, theaters, buildings on college campuses, skyscrapers, and more.

And in a world where we are being equally environmentally and budget conscious, LED bulbs are much more efficient than old-school bulbs, resulting in energy savings for the wallet and the earth. There are so many winners in the LED-lighting scenario … with your client smiling at center stage.