Full Financing


Full Financing

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 No money down needed.
Slash your energy cost by up to 80% with no money upfront using our LED Lighting Solutions and our Capital Investment partners and use the savings to completely pay for the capital investment.

 Payments are made directly as part of your Energy bill.



 May be used for:


  • Incandescent or fluorescent to LED conversion
  • Lighting System Upgrades
  • Parking area lighting upgrades
  • Zero Cost Solar Lighting Solutions
  • Intelligent lighting system controls
  • Occupancy based redesign
  • Direct/Indirect systems
  • High efficiency re-lamp and re-ballast LED Applications

  • No Upfront Capital Needed.
  • No 3rd party bank loan or lease needed.
  • No liens on the property.
  • Projects can be completed in Phases.
  • Construction Management by Constellation included.
  • Warranty from Manufacturer on installed material. Upgrade site conditions.
  • Provide positive cash flows over 5 and 10 year period.


This is a unique, proven, and award-winning solution that leverages your electricity spend with high-impact energy efficiency upgrades. The costs of efficiency projects are factored into your electricity agreement and placed directly on your commodity contract during the term. You will immediately own the equipment after it is installed and at the conclusion of the contract, you retain both the ownership of the energy efficiency measures and the benefits they provide. Without the need for a capital expenditure, you can focus your resources on your core business.


Let the GO Green team guide you through the process. From the assessment and installation to securing rebates and providing continued service and support, Go Green LED International guides you through the entire process as you choose to go green with LED lighting.

Give us a call at 585-426-7055 to discuss our new program and have Go Green LED International provide you with a renewable solution package.