Changing the world, one light bulb at a time.

Go Green LED International is an LED solutions-based company focused on expert service and cutting-edge technology and products that can result in a 50% to 70% energy savings for our customers. 

We are pioneers in the field of sustainable energy and lighting and our principle is simple: to promote energy conservation and emission reduction while delivering significant cost-savings.
Incandescent and fluorescent lighting require regular maintenance, resulting in lofty energy payments and the need to recycle toxic chemicals.

Go Green LED International is a one-stop shop.

    • We conduct on-site audits
    • Work with you to select the best lighting products
    • Coordinate government-rebate funding and incentives
    • Provide expert service and support during and after installation.
You save green when you go green with Go Green LED International … a solutions-based company run by pioneers in sustainable energy and lighting.

The time is now for upgrading your dated, energy-consuming lighting systems.