Shipping and Returns



Availability & Shipping Policy

Even though we strive to maintain adequate levels of our products in stock, we often receive large orders that can temporarily deplete or nearly deplete our inventory. While this is only a temporary situation, some products do have longer re-stocking lead times than others.  In the event that you place an order for a product that will be back-ordered longer than five business days, we will contact you and provide an estimated shipping time for your order. We will then offer you the option of a refund or to keep your order in place until we can ship.

Orders for product that is in stock will ship within one to two business days; on a first-order-in and first-order-out basis.

Special orders may require 50% to 100% prepayment, depending upon the product and the quantity. Delivery times for special orders will vary and we will consult with the manufacturer for their delivery time estimate for your order.


Sample Purchases

If you are in need of a multiple items for your business or project and are not certain if a product is suitable for your purposes, we recommend that you purchase a sample unit before purchase the entire quantity. Please feel free to consult with a Go Green LED International sales representative to assist with your selection. Please be aware that although we can answer questions and make suggestions, the final determination as to the suitability of a product for your needs shall remain strictly with you, the purchaser.

Product Return Policy

Given that we have no means of testing returned electronic products to confirm that they have not been damaged, we cannot allow their return.


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